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Today I've been setting up a support/development forum for which i'm the project admin and developer for. The script is 2532|Gigs and is an opensource php/sql gig lister. The forums are located here; . The forums will serve as a support forum mainly as it seems a lot of people find the SourceForge forums hard to use and navigate. Let me know comments/suggestions. The style is based on CrystalBlue. I changed the colors and changed the sticky and locked icons to new ones.

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I'll have to agree with you about the SourceForge forums. They look horrid.

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Thanks. We have used the SF Forums for awhile now but nobody has used it. Instead we get emails daily for support. So, I finally asked why they don't post in the forum for faster support from other developers and most said they couldn't figure out the SF site. I don't think its that hard, but i've used it for years now. And your right they do look really bad. Plus lack any real features of a forum.


Re: 2532|Gigs Forum [punBB powered] is planning on revamping their support forums. The site is going through an overhaul, it's getting easier to navigate and is faster. Now with Google code breathing down their neck and all.

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Yeah, I love the new look and changes they have been doing the past year. I've used SF for about 3-4 years now and its seen many great changes, but still lacks in a few spots. Can't complain for a free service that provides that much though. I've used Google Code recently to test it out and its nice, but does need some work also.

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Do SF offer subversion hosting or are they still on CVS?

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Re: 2532|Gigs Forum [punBB powered] does offer SVN now.

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they have for quite a while too. has offered it for a much longer time.

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Man, your style rocks! I like the icons and the color scheme. Good work!

PS: You're right, "SourceForge" forums are ugly and useless.