Topic: [patch] unclosed span on error

Looks like someone forgot to close a span element smile

The patch is against … upload@780 :

Index: include/functions.php
--- include/functions.php    (revision 780)
+++ include/functions.php    (working copy)
@@ -1262,7 +1262,7 @@

    if (defined('PUN_DEBUG'))
-        echo "\t\t\t".'<p><span><strong>File:</strong> '.$file.'</span>'."\n\t\t\t".'<span><strong>Line:</strong> '.$line.'<span></p>'."\n\t\t\t".'<p><strong>PunBB reported</strong>: '.$message.'</p>'."\n";
+        echo "\t\t\t".'<p><span><strong>File:</strong> '.$file.'</span>'."\n\t\t\t".'<span><strong>Line:</strong> '.$line.'</span></p>'."\n\t\t\t".'<p><strong>PunBB reported</strong>: '.$message.'</p>'."\n";

        if ($db_error)

Re: [patch] unclosed span on error

Thanks for the report (I've properly closed the tag now). smile
Please keep in mind, however, that we're not officially accepting bug reports for 1.3 yet.