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Just reciently two bugs have come up into the light. The first one isn't overly important. I think it may have ocurred in the last update but we are no longer able to upload an avatar, it just says that the image doesn't meet the requirements no matter what the image is. The first thing I checked was that the avatars hadn't mystically turned themselves off but all was good. Thought that maybe something in the code may have been a little twinked. Any avatars that had been done before the problem showed up haven't been effected.

The second one is a little more serious, we are unable to ban people. When you press the 'ban' link (after all of the information has been put in concerning the ban) it comes up with this Error: Unable to write bans cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'.'. The thing with it though is that if you look at the bans list in the admin section of the forum they are actually put on the list but no ban really takes place. The same error shows up when you remove the ban from the list. My theory (although I don't know how the ban has been coded) is that the error takes place after its added to the ban list but before it can confirm any ban with the account in question. As I said, I am not sure how the ban list and banning an account are actually tied in, the problem could be lack of communication between the list and accounts. All accounts banned before this problem showed up have remained banned.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appeciated.

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Half Truth wrote:

Error: Unable to write bans cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'.'.

You might want to check on this error before trying to track down any bugs.

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Moved to Troubleshooting, since these don't appear to be bugs with PunBB but rather issues with your setup.

It sounds to me like you messed with the permissions for your various folders. Make sure PHP can write to the avatars folder and to the cache folder (and try removing all the .php files in the cache directory)

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We are actually running of the MypunBB servers so it must be on their end. Thank you for the quick replys though and also for your help.

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Hello, its me again.

Just to give a bit of background information. We are currently running a PunBB forum through the MyPunBB hosting service. ALL of the permissions on what it seems, all of the folders has been changed, basically it means that everything that isn't database related cannot be changed. This includes bans, adding of avatars, changing ANYTHING in the administration part of the forum. Thats just our basic overview.

As it stands, MyPunBB is doing an update and I have no idea how long it will take and I personally have absolutly no idea on how to contact them. Given our situation is there anyway that we can extract the current database(s) from the forum and merge them with another forum. An InvisionFree forum for example? I have a feeling that to do it we would have to get it all from the host which would leave us with nothing I thought it would be best to ask anyway.

Thanks in advance.

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Yeah, if something's wrong with MyPunBB only Connor can really fix it. And I'm pretty sure the database management plugin doesn't exist yet for MyPunBB, so there's no way to get a database dump (and even if you did, InvisionFree probably wouldn't convert it for you and upload it)