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Topic: Can this be done with punBB?

0) Login and registration integration with an existing website
1) Private messages
2) Private forums (passworded forums)
3) We have a website we like to integrate with a forum. Users on this website can create projects. I'd like for each project that a user creates, that there will be a private passworded forum added to the list/index of forums.

Is this possible with punBB? If so how?

Re: Can this be done with punBB?

0) Yes fairly easily, check the FAQ and integration boards for more information.
1) Yes, there is a mod on www.punres.org for this.
2) Possible, but I don't think there is any existing mod, so it would depend on your experience as a PHP coder (or your funds/ability to find someone to do it for you).
3) Pretty much same as 2, it's possible, but you would need to specifically have it done for you (or do it yourself).

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Re: Can this be done with punBB?

0 - yes. Take a look around here and PunRes, use the search box, and ask around. Quite a lot of people have integrated their login/registration systems with existing websites and databases, so you should be able to find the help you need.
1- yes again. Check out the Private Messaging System mod: http://www.punres.org/desc.php?pid=52
2 - once again, yes. Check out the Password Protected Forums mod: http://www.punres.org/desc.php?pid=128 (You could also do accomplish a similar effect with user groups, if you wanted to.)
3 - probably. Anything is possible with some work. I don't know of anyone who currently has anything like this set up, and it would probably require quite a bit of set up, but I'm fairly sure it could be done.

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Re: Can this be done with punBB?

Is it also possible to create forums within forums? For example when a user enters a forums called "Projects" then the plan is he/she should be able to enter his/her own project forum. I know forums are displayed on the board index, but if many users create projects the board index would become quite long.

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Re: Can this be done with punBB?

Sub Forums perhaps? Again you'll find a mod on punres.org that does it.

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Re: Can this be done with punBB?

Thanks, that's great