Topic: [extension release] Profile Subscriptions Link

id          : dd_profile_about_subscriptions_link
title       : Profile About Subscriptions Link
version     : 1.0.0
description : This extension adds a "Your subscriptions" (as seen on the search page)
  link to each users profile about page. This new link is only available and visible
  for the profile's owner. All language variables are internal and from PunBB, so
  this extension should work with all supported locales.
author      : DervishDoughnut
minversion  : 1.3 Beta
maxtestedon : 1.3 Beta
hooks used  : pf_change_details_about_pre_header_load

A few notes about this extension. This extension was created to fill what was perceived as a missing feature in PunBB 1.3 Beta (Probably only affects me). What missing feature? Well, on the search page of PunBB 1.3 Beta are 3 user specific links. Your posts, Your topics and Your subscriptions are the three user specific links. Now if you go to your Profile's About section/page you might have noticed that there is a missing link. The "Your subscriptions" link. I do realize that the "Show all posts" and "Show all topics" links are on every users profile page that a user can see, but also felt that the Your subscriptions link was needed.

So what exactly does this extension do? One thing. It adds a "Your subscriptions" link to every users profile about section/page. A user will only see this new link if they are the owner of that profile about section/page that they are viewing. This was done to keep each user's subscriptions private as they currently are in PunBB 1.3 Beta. Overall there is nothing major here, just a simple extension.

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