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Topic: Wordpress Oxygen Theme?

So, I'm looking to integrate wordpress and punbb and I was wondering if anyone has seen an Oxygen them (or similar) for WordPress?  I've been looking all over and can't seem to find one.

Re: Wordpress Oxygen Theme?

Well, i have seen an Oxygen theme for Wordpress somewhere, but i couldn't remember the website. I am sure that there is a theme for wordpress for Punbb-Oxygen.

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Re: Wordpress Oxygen Theme?

Yeah, I looked a lot here, on wordpress and their theme site, and on Google and Yahoo! and couldn't find anything.  So I gave up and used this theme from Quaker.  I hunted down the Wordpress theme from the original creator and then did a custom version for my Singapore photo gallery and a separate custom one for any pages that I wanted to include, separately, which I used for my LastRSS feed aggregation on my front page.  I'm playing with ideas to modify it so that it's a liquid layout instead of fixed-width.

Re: Wordpress Oxygen Theme?

I'd be interested in finding that WP oxygen theme myself!