Topic: Int with Facebook Application - & search hotmail/gmail contacts

Hey, i dont know if there is anything like this out there, if not i might start to create it, So instead of typing out all there information again upon registration, they could just click a "facebook" hyperlink, opening a new window to add an app on Fbook, that then sends all there information back to the forum? Ob it would be great to have a ton more input fields to fill in to store the extra information, would be ausom and quick =]

And im also looking for a "friends" search functionability, such found in so so so so many websites, where users can search for friends already registered, by tappign in there hotmail / gmail / yahoo login to pull up there contact list, searching for friends? Is there a plugin/mod for this? or someone point me in the right direction to implement this with my main site which connnects with my forum =]