Topic: Integrating PunBB into an existing site, not the other way round.


I am looking for clues on how to integrate punBB within fundanemt CMS (fundanemt.org).
I'd like to implement it on this page: http://www.ebenalp.ch
My idea is to add just the forum-output of punBB without doc type, header, footer etc.
I don't want to add markup from my existing site to punBB's template, but rather want to render punBB inside a CMS-generated page.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Integrating PunBB into an existing site, not the other way round.

If you not worried about intergrating your login with your existing site then it should be very easy.

You will want to edit your main.tpl file in include/template/main.tpl use the information here

under website intergration, which tells you roughly how things work

and then read about importing php code into your main.tpl template here under 3.4, which is how you are going to call your headers and footers and sidebars around the forum.

And if you want a real world example then this tutorial is very handy, even though it uses wordpress as a cms it will explain all the finer points of pulling through headers and footers around the punbb forums.  Showing you where you want to be copying stuff across

and also this one

Hope that helps or it should at least get you started, tried to keep it short:)