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PanBB.Ru wrote:

Нарисуйте как это должно работать.

http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … -notifier/

That little notifier was exactly what was needed!!

I also found an extension that sends an email when a pm comes in.

Marvelous work.

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Re: Private Messaging (pun_pm)

Chaosmaker wrote:

Another thing that came to my mind: Even with the setting "Display 'New messages (N)' link at the top of every page." enabled, you don't really have a well visible indication for new messages (the "PM" is simply displayed bold then). As I don't like to change built-in extensions too much, I wrote my own little extension-extension for that purpose:
http://www.danielrathjen.de/punbb/pun_p … cation.zip

It's not the Oxygen style in that forum, but it should be clear enough to see how it works. Unfortunately only one link allowed in this post, so please copy&paste. smile

Any thoughts on that extension?

I have this installed and think it is not necessary.

Instead I used this

<span style="color:#C60000;">

Now the PM link turns Bold and Red when a new message is received

Work great for me

Edit: Functions.php in pun_pm


Re: Private Messaging (pun_pm)

Is there a way to take the address for pun pm


and change it to this:



Re: Private Messaging (pun_pm)

You can try to edit the files:

But if there are collisions with other paths, then some of them will not be available.

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Re: Private Messaging (pun_pm)

1. Fix pun_pm_next_reply() function  https://github.com/MioVisman/punbb_exte … 7f14b9ea66
2. Fix style for display less than 800px https://github.com/MioVisman/punbb_exte … 48b0d0aeb5

I speak only Russian  :P