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Topic: Where to place js and css paths for a dropdown menu ?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to integrate punBB on a plain xHTML page that is basically a copy of my website template.

I've managed to place the forum properly and style it how I wanted inside this template using divs & css.
There's only 1 element left to integrate and that is a plain xHTML drop down menu (sun of suckerfish). This menu needs a small js to run. I placed the path to this menu in main.tpl between head tags like this

<script type="text/javascript" src="style/menu.js"></script>

but it's not working.

In the other hand since header.php is part of the core files I didn't wanted to jump and add stuff in it without knowing how exactly to do it.

As for the css I can add the respective styles to oxygen.css but a separate file and defining a path to it would be cool.

Basically I'm having troubles with paths to "external" files.

Anybody can take 2 minutes and enlighten me on this ? Meanwhile i'll keep trying on my end smile

Thanks a lot.

Re: Where to place js and css paths for a dropdown menu ?

ok replying to myself: I sorted it out.
There was an ofending extra quotation mark that was closing the line above the <script type= ... that left the included js inactive.

Non stop code reviewing does miracles smile