Topic: Which is best CMS to integrate with PunBB?

Which is best and easiest to integrate CMS with PunBB?

Re: Which is best CMS to integrate with PunBB?

i think Wordpress

Re: Which is best CMS to integrate with PunBB?

I think this, at least to an extent, is a matter of opinion. I've heard of and seen punBB integrated with various content management systems to various degrees and with various levels of success, so I'm not sure there is really a definitive "best" system to work with.

Admittedly, it would probably be easier if you picked a system which others have at tried or are trying to integrate punBB with, as you would have some people who might help.

A few systems I know of that people have tried/are trying to integrate with punBB:
Drupal - … pal-punbb/
Joomla - … component/
Wordpress - … on-plugin/
Textpattern - Check out Jérémie's site: - it's a good example.

Of course, you could also turn punBB into a CMS, with a bit of tweaking. The MiniPortal mod would be a good place to start, should you choose to go in that direction:

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