Topic: User posts count

We've got a discussion here about the correct number of posts in user's profiles.

E.g. open Rickard's profile and look at Posts: 9167.

Now (in 1.2 and in 1.3 RC) 9167 is not the real current count of user's posts in the forum, but the number of posts ever sent by user.

If user has posted 10 posts and moderator deleted 5 of them, the "number of posts" will still be 10, but the real count is 5. Someone may use this by adding and removing the post at once, repeating this 1 000 times: the "number of posts" will be 1 000, having 0 real posts in database.

On the other hand, if administrator prunes the topics (by post age) periodically, the users' post counts will decrease then. The number of posts ever written is the measure of users' contribution into the community. Look at this list for example :-)

What is your opinion on the correct algorithm of "number of posts" count?
1. Number of posts ever sent.
2. Number of posts currently stored in database.

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