Topic: **REQUEST** I need a captcha mod...

I need one for 1.2.17

Where the registered users will sign up and they enter in that lil captcha stuff. o_o

I'm getting too many.. Viagra and.. unwanted porn on my website being advertised.

It's very disturbing too when you got like 12 year olds coming to the site to play the game I host on the website.


So please, someone hand me a link for one of those mods that work with 1.2.17

Re: **REQUEST** I need a captcha mod... … projects=1

Any of them will do. You might need to change the version ofr the allowed install, which can be found … ty-for-12/

Sorry. Unactive due to personal life.

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Re: **REQUEST** I need a captcha mod...

Thanks utchin ^_^

A mod can close/delete this now.

Or keep it open so someone else can browse and this will help them hopefully.