Topic: Crossover Mac Available Free Today only 10/28/08

Codeweavers is offering its Windows-API enabler CrossOver for free today in response to a political wager, reports The Unofficial Apple Weblog. It started three months ago, when Codeweavers CEO Jeremy White proposed six "Lame Duck" goals for President Bush to achieve during his last few months as President. If Bush pulled any off, White said he would offer the program for free for one day. The first goal listed was for the average price of gas to dip below $2.79 in the city of Minneapolis. As any conscious driver knows, the cost of fuel has been plummeting in the last week due to our stumbling economy. So as a result of the gas price drop, the program is being offered for free today, until midnight CST.

CrossOver is one of several available Windows-enabling Mac programs, but it has received some buzz based on its ability to handle games, a common complaint against the Mac operating system. Its promotional demos were shown mostly with Counter-Strike, but some reviewers have found it works with more recent games like The Orange Box. As with any program of this type, your mileage may vary, but seeing as it's a free download it could be worth a try for you Mac users who miss out on the PC gaming scene.
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