Topic: [Release] UFProfiles for 1.2

Description: UFProfiles actively encourages your registered members to fill in their profile details.

- Information that hasnt been filled in is hidden when viewing someone elses profile.
- You automatically view your own profile as others see it, with each section having its own "edit" link taking you to the original profile pages for editing.
- When viewing your own profile it shows which fields still need to be filled in and displays "Add Now?" links.
- Default avatars are used
- Website URLs can be given a title (defaults to http:// if no title provided, though a note recommends adding one)
- Messaging services only show fields that actually have messaging info avail.
- After editing your profile you return to viewing it as others would see it to see the changes instantly
- Probably a few more but I forget tongue

Download: UFProfiles.

Previews: Empty Profile, Semi-complete profile.

Preview the editing of a profile at - registration requires no confirmation so quick to sign up with fake info if ya want to.

Please check it out and keep in mind that I'm a complete novice at PHP. Only started learning this week as I was forced offline for 10 days due to moving house.

Posted a few other things up on the site though this is the one I'm most pleased with, hoping to get some constructive criticism about where it can be improved. Thanks