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Topic: [Release/Request] Partially translated into Polish

Translation to Polish language including some extensions.
Still it is not full and propably have some bugs.
Here is the link: http://www.pcmod.pl/punbb_PL.rar
Read the README inside.

21.12.2008: Added full translation of many of files.
06.01.2009: Fixed problem with topic_title_on_index extension. Translation updated.
07.01.2009: Added 'deirathe' translation of profile.php, search.php and some replacements in lines I've left.
07.01.2009 (again): Added 'deirathe' translation of admin_bans.php, admin_common.php, admin_bans.php
08.01.2009: Hope that fixed problem with ANSI to UTF8.

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Re: [Release/Request] Partially translated into Polish

If you want to add translation, write here links with your changes.
Do not include my files if not changed.
Code it with correct polish signs in UTF8. The best editor is Windows Notepad. No damn trash code...
I will add them as fast as I can to my first post link.

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Re: [Release/Request] Partially translated into Polish

Translation excluding admin_* files. Some of them have been particulaly translated
Credits also go to Reactor wink
LInk below:

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Re: [Release/Request] Partially translated into Polish

Hey deirathe,
Thanks for your profile.php and some minor changes.
Added to my translation, uploaded and added credits in README.

Next time remember all to upload only changes not full translation, it helps me to check what person has translated.
Also leave original README and do not delete, I will add you and your changes at credits in README file dont worry.
... and mainly to deirathe, do not upload your system files (this time it was MacOS) wink.

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Re: [Release/Request] Partially translated into Polish

this wasn't only profile.php but also search.php tongue, about MacOS folder- sorry i forgot the OS creates this kinds of stuff everytime i open a folder and its invisble for me tongue.
New files: admin_common.php, admin_bans.php, admin_censoring.php

hope it will serve well big_smile

Re: [Release/Request] Partially translated into Polish

Yeah Windows has a problem extracing the files as you have the folder names the same as the files so it thinks they are the same. hmm

Sorry. Unactive due to personal life.