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Topic: Permanent "New Messages" link

Even after viewing the message that someone sent to me, the displayed link to my inbox is still labeled "New messages". I believe that it should be changed to something else, like "Private messages inbox".


By the way, I think that the actual "New messages" link should be red in addition to being  bold. This would make  it easier for us to notice it. smile

André Felipe

Re: Permanent "New Messages" link

I think this link should be change to "Private Message".:)

Re: Permanent "New Messages" link

Fully agreed. I always am confused about this thing. "Private Messages" or simply "PMs" should do it. And when there are newmessages it changes to something like "You have X new PMs".

Re: Permanent "New Messages" link

We've called the link 'New messages' because it's similar to 'New posts'. But everyone can change this by editing the following lines in pun_pm/lang/English/pun_pm.php:

    'New link'                 => 'New messages',
    'New link active'          => '<strong>New messages (%d)</strong>',
    'New link full'            => '<strong>New messages (!)</strong>',

Re: Permanent "New Messages" link

But it should be a official change.

Let's take the case that there is a new version released. When updating it, also the language files get updated and we have to change it manually again. And that is annoying.

Re: Permanent "New Messages" link

I've explained our point. Other opinions?