Topic: Odeebo CMS with PunBB Bridging

A long long time ago I was working on a CMS called Logicfury that could bridge with PunBB. Well, I'm back with Odeebo (the successor to Logicfury) and it too can bridge with PunBB.
Anyway, I'm making FluxBB/PunBB the officially supported Forum of Odeebo. The two marry up together well seeing as they are both lightweight.

P.S. If anyone wants to see the bridging working I'm afraid you'll have to signup for an account at - sorry!

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Re: Odeebo CMS with PunBB Bridging

excellent that you made a bridge for a CMS.
this is something the devs should probably highlight from time to time
i.e. with what other software the forum can be used/complemented
this makes it more attractive for all devs/ext devs to keep making/coding stuff for punbb


PS: are you only using this as a forum:  ?
or in what way have you actually bridged it to odeebo (which isn't released?!)

also: what kind of software is odeebo if you can't even VIEW it without registering.... ???
screenshots !!!! big_smile

Re: Odeebo CMS with PunBB Bridging

Yes the forums at are the only forums I am using for the project. It's a FluxBB installation but the bridge used is the same one used for PunBB. I am to continue to support both projects as they grow. The next bridge I will create will be for phpBB 3.

What kind of software is Odeebo? Well it's a CMS. The screen shot on the home page give you some idea of the what it will entail.

You can of course view the site without registering, I only mentioned registering if you wished to see the bridging in action.