Topic: Subscribing to forums

I saw several threads on enabling users to subscribe to forums rather than topics. This is a very useful feature, because most users do not visit the forum regularly, unless there is something to see, and thus will often not be aware on time of useful topics that come up.

Is there a clean way to get this done on PunBB 1.3.4? I saw the forum subscriber mod (latest version: 1.4), but it seems to be outdated (suitable for the 1.2.x series of PunBB). I was afraid to try to install it on 1.3.4.

Is there any up-to-date solution to forum subscription?

Re: Subscribing to forums

You can always use the RSS feature that 1.3 has.

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Re: Subscribing to forums

Thanks. I am aware.  Yet, this is a "geeky" workaround. It's something I can do, but I cannot expect all my users to do. It requires using a tool that converts RSS to mail, and to configure the RSS feed with the login user-name and password. It also requires trusting the RSS2MAIL service with these credentials and with the forum's contents, which I strictly forbid my users from doing.