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Topic: [Modification] Simple Attendance 1.2

Someone at FluxBB requested a simple mod so users can confirm if they can attend an event. It's based on topic and no calendar is involved. tongue

You can get the general idea from the pictures below.

Simple Attendance 1.2


Simple Attendance 1.2
EDIT: Updated to 1.2

Re: [Modification] Simple Attendance 1.2

New release


* Updated readme so that it makes sense for all versions (FluxBB 1.2.*, FluxBB 1.4.* & PunBB 1.2.*)
* Changed it so only admin and moderators can post an event (is_admmod)
* Tweaked 'available / not available' button on Flux/Pun 1.2.* version
* Kill the orphans, added line to delete.php to remove event info when delete topic - http://fluxbb.org/forums/post/30379/#p30379
* If you delete a user, you will now have the option to remove his events
* Fixed problem where you can sneakily submit your availability more than once - http://fluxbb.org/forums/post/30373/#p30373