Topic: HELP!

Hi guys,

I have changed the size of the text for my oxygen theme however some people want it t go back to normal, and others want to keep it.

To do so I will need to make it in to a new theme that people can select but what files would I need to copy?

I have edited the oxygen_cs.css file so that the text is normal again and copied it and all the other files into a new folder called oxygen 1.

I have uploaded these but also guessing that the main.tpl or some other peculiar file needs changing slightly.

Very new at this guys so any help is appreciated smile


Also you need to rename files in this folder (Oxygen.css => Oxygen1.css, Oxygen.php => Oxygen1.php) In the Oxygen1.php file you should replace all "Oxygen" word with "Oxygen1".



Your a diamond mate, thanks!


I have the same problem , now i can do it by myself , thanks !   smile