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I begin with PunBB, I inserted Adsense on main.tpl, but I would like to know how to insert one line spacing to separate well?
Thank you

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Insert spacing?


should help


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Thank you KeyDog for the information and the site.

Regrettably, nothing works to insert a space before and after the Google banner Adsense.

The main.tpl file takes the html?
The modifications with the html change nothing on the main.tpl

I shall like inserting a space in red on the joined image.


Thank you for your help

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Tell you what

Place the adsense code in a seperate div and give the div a name....

Then add the name to the .css stylesheets and set the margin/distance in there....


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Thank you KeyDog, I understand better for the CSS.
That works.

For those who are in my case:
. In CSS
    margin-top: 50em;

. In main.tpl
<div id="pub">Code Google</div>

Thank you.

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http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … or-guests/

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Thank you this is a good mod to integrate adsense