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Small extension, which automatic install avatar for new users, use his Gravatar.
Very usefull.

Download for PunBB 1.4 - version 1.2

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yep i love automattic software

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How does this extension work? I have installed and enabled it, but I cannot see any way to use it

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Register first at Than register with this email in forum.

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Is it possible to have the option to use my Gravatar?

Some users might want to use it, some might want to upload their own?

Will the Gravatar be automatically resized? My current forum setting is the default 60 x 60

Also, what about existing users? How can I enable Gravatar for them? The extension says that it is for new users

Thank you

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Updated to version 1.2

  • Rewrited core.

  • Fixed errors.

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Hey this sounds great but what about if you turn of allow avatars to disable the users from uploading avatars? can i use this extension in some way so that users cannot upload on server avatars but can have gravatar avatars though?

thank you

i tried it but no avatars show up?

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I am also having the issue where gravatars aren't showing up.

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Gravatars only for new users.