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Topic: Duplicate entry '435135' for key 'PRIMARY' (Errno: 1062).

The error occurred on line 2136 in /var/www/tffg/forum/include/functions.php

Database reported: Duplicate entry '435135' for key 'PRIMARY' (Errno: 1062).

Failed query: INSERT INTO pun_posts (poster, poster_id, poster_ip, message, hide_smilies, posted, topic_id) VALUES('Lyle', 2, '', 'wwqwq', 0, 1376869792, 67740)

I have searched the db and Post ID 435135 does not exist. Version 1.3.5

Not sure what to do here. I have tried a bunch of manual resets and deleted a bunch of new posts to no avail.

Users cannot post or reply. New posts do get logged, but get the same error. Replies to not get logged at all..