Topic: How do I upgrade?

When I tried to install PunBB on my local computer, I get the error msg

"You are running PHP version 4.1.1. PunBB requires at least PHP 4.2.0 to run properly. You must upgrade your PHP installation before you can continue."

The problem is I installed PHP using PHPtriad and they do not have an upgrade to PHP 4.2.0

Can someone point me the way to manually upgrade my PHP installation?

Many Many Thanks..

Re: How do I upgrade?

I think your safest bet would be this:
1; Grab the php windows zip-archive here http://se2.php.net/get/php-4.3.3-Win32. … m/a/mirror
2; Unpack the zip-archive INTO your current php-dir where phptriad put it for you. This will update the php-binaries and dll's etc.

Restart apache.
Try installing PunBB again.

I'm not making any promises that it'll work tho, you should make a backup of your config-files if you have modified them.


Re: How do I upgrade?

Thanks RNilsson, just one last question; do I need to delete the previous PHP files when I unzip the new version ones into the folder? Or do I leave them there and overwrite the overlapped ones?

Re: How do I upgrade?

Just overwrite the old files.

The next version of PunBB will work with 4.1.0 and later.

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