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Topic: Template modifications


I'm trying to integrate the forum inside my website. I've read the documentation about website integration but I still have a question.

I'd like to modify the HTML code generated by lines like this:

<!-- forum_navlinks -->

I've searched everywhere but I don't find where the HTML equivalences are located. Could you please help me?

Thanks for incoming answers and sorry about my English, that's not my native language.

Edit: to be more precise, I'd like, for example, to remplace the <ul> generated by this line by <ol> with custom classes (in order to use Bootstrap). There are a lot of things like that I'd like to modify so I need to know where to HTML code is located. Thanks!

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Re: Template modifications

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crawlers, spam bots, etc.

P.S. functions.php, generate_navlinks() function.

Parserus, UserAgentAnalyzer.
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