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Topic: Pan Time On The Line - Lines, runners, time period for the message

Hello, dear users and visitors. Meet the independent expansion of third-party services, allowing to display on your profile while before the event and after.

Expansion rewritten as a continuation of Period Of Time The , but is more flexible and functional. Promotion Period Of Time stopped, and avoid errors will be developed on the basis of the Pan Time On The Line.

If you are using Period Of Time , and want to go to the Pan of The Time The the On the Line , then do not rush to remove Period Of Time and install a new, existing extension.

Migration Guide on Pan Time On The Line
1 - Set the Pan Time On The Line
2 - Enter the extension settings
3 - At the bottom of the press - the Delegate the Options
4 - Remove Period Of Time.

In this case, users of your forum will not have to make any unnecessary movements.
The extension has two modes of the display period of time: in the profile and a message .

This is how it looks under the line of the message:

That's how it looks in the user's profile

And so in the basic setting admin panel

It is desirable to select and download images of rulers and sliders so that the dimensions specified in the settings do not differ greatly from the true picture sizes. This will save resources on your server.

Depending on the : Pan Framework
Download ruler and sliders Pan Time On The Line

Re: Pan Time On The Line - Lines, runners, time period for the message

Updated extension to 0.4.8
+ Added date setting supported in all, even the most ancient browsers.
+ Fixed errors of undetermined variables.

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