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Topic: Private Chat with file transfer and pictures

I think about that it could be as a replacement for the official Private Message.
That's decided to write an extension, such as a personal chat, but so that the functional it looked like a modern instant messengers with sound effects, transfer files and photos.

But you must admit, that is hardly a private message, when they can be pulled from the database, and read whatever you want.

Private Chat - a chat room for open communication, and for hidden (encrypted). And the principle is such that even the admin can not know the correspondence of users.

The secret chat can only be opened when both users are online. This function is in the process of implementation, but soon you'll try it for yourself.


In the chat tab profile, as well as sub-menus:
Conversations, Contacts and Settings.

+ All actions are performed without reloading the page.
+ At this extension only dependent on pun_jquery.
+ A pop-up block of new messages.
+ Dispatched new message notification via e-mail.
+ Sound Effects.
+ All notices infused in PU.
+ Flash message for statuses sending, deleting and etc.
+ Picture messaging users


Chat can be tested in my forum.


In the chat added
+ Sound effects,
+ Offline and online status
+ Notification "user writes a message
+ Transferred respectively in English and Russian, and later will be French

Download Pan Private Chat

In future versions we plan to add:


It opens when you click


Re: Private Chat with file transfer and pictures

Chat was updated.
+ Compatibility with smileys for BB codes
+ Sending a message in the mini-chat by pressing CTRL + ENTER
+ Chat miniblock optimized