Topic: I mean, wtf?!

I was trying to register at new site and got a question with title "Pun stop bots question", whatever that means. It said it is powered by PunBB, which is related with this site, I guess.
The question was,, "Who created Pop Culture?".

And I was like "R U SERIOUS" cuz u know, nobody actually created it, but group of people accidentally created it. so, that question doesn't have answer. and because of this fucking stupid question, I CANT FUCKING REGISTER to that site WHICH IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME. and I can't blame anybody but this fucking PunBB thing. Why does this stupid thing even exist

Re: I mean, wtf?!

It's not Punbb fault, the fault is the author of the site, to choose a stupid question that has no logical answer.
So if you think a little you don't have to blame Punbb, put the blame on the webmaster of that site, contact him for that stupid question, ask him why, but don't ask punbb...