Topic: Post Reply vs Quick Post

Will the "Post Reply" function become obselete soon? It seems to me that there is no real advantage to opening up a new page in order to post.

The only difference I see is the "Show smilies as icons" and "Subscribe to this topic" features. Well, you can still subcribe to the topic from the thread itself anyway.

I'm sure theres a good reason for it being there, I just haven't thought of it yet smile

Re: Post Reply vs Quick Post

Guest posting is one reason. Quick post is only enabled for logged in users.

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Re: Post Reply vs Quick Post

in many BB's the quickpost doesn't have functions like polls, attachments, etc.  I'd say to keep renderingspeed up.

My attachment mod use the 'post reply' page, as I feel it would slow down the browsing of threads if I would need to add a few more querys just to render that area...

On the BB I have with PunBB I have actually toggled the quickpost off wink