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Topic: Change postxx.html#pxx url to topic-my-topic.html#pxx

Hello, with the "file based fancy" url option, instead of having for each post a postxx.html#pxx url, and the main topic url, would that be possible to have the topic url with just #pxx at the end of the url for each post?
As postxx.html#pxx and topiczz-my-topic.html#pxx go to the same place in the page.
Or the postxx.html is needed for PunBB?

EDIT : i see the problem, when it's in page 2 (or more) in the topic, the #pxx won't find the post because it will try in page 1 of the topic.

Thanks and sorry for asking because now that i see that, i guess it wouldn't be possible, it would have to add the correct page number when needed and the #pxx to work.