Topic: Any real responsive theme for PunBB ?

Hi, looking the themes, i don't see any that would be really responsive, it doesn't fit well for small screens (smartphone) and big screen (full hd 1920*1080) the board is very small compared to the size, some real responsive themes i've tried for phpbb fit well for all : small screens (lower resolution like some smartphones), middle size screen (intermediate like 1366*768), big screen (full hd), it fit well to the size of each one.
So i would like to have a real responsive theme or any way to adapt one of them ? Like the default theme for example.


Re: Any real responsive theme for PunBB ?

I can only suggest searching the internet for punbb forums with homemade themes (bootstrap based themes).

I speak only Russian  :P

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Re: Any real responsive theme for PunBB ?

I didn't find any more responsive theme, but i forgot to mention after my post that i found a solution very simple for middle size screen and big screen.
In the directory style then the file Oxygen.min.css (style/Oxygen.min.css) you can adjust min and max width around the line 180.
Mine is now as this :

.brd {
    padding: 1em em;
    margin: 0 auto;
    max-width: 1900px;
    min-width: 700px;
    width: 98%

It was on max-width 1300px and less % about width of screen, so it's normal it was very small in full hd which 1920 width, it makes 620px left.
Now it fits much better for middle size screen (like 1366*768) and big screen (full hd like 1920*1080) smile
The only screen it doesn't fit so good, is the small screen (smartphone) which is 720p, that would mean 720 width and 1280 height.