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I am trying to show this for guests...

Guests cannot: Start Topics, Respond to Topics, Search Topics, See Active Topics, View Member List, Use Board Email.

I am currently using announcements to show this but it seems irrelevant to show that to members currently logged in.

How do I hide announcements from members and show it only to guess?

I would prefer a separate announcement for guests but could find no such solution so I figured the best thing to do was to use the announcement and use some css to hide it for logged in users.

Problem is I am not sure how to do that.

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I think you can try this extension

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I am from Canada and that site asks for a donation.
I can only use Paypal and that is not listed as payment so there is no way for me to download that extension.

It does look very nice.

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I was thinking this css

/*remove announcement for members*/
div#brd-announcement {
    display: none;

Except how do I make it that it shows it for guests but removes it for logged in users?

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no need donate anymore, try download again

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Thank you, I was able to download this excellent extension

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Just for your information

This extension does interfere with this one
User Notification in Posts • Version • Created by Daniel Rathjen

The notifications when someone does @member will not display for members if you have the announcement turned of for members.

Made no difference to me because I do not use the notification, I use the email notification but I thought I would mention it in case someone needed to know.

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