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I've been working on a menu in css but had (as always) problems in IE. Searching google gave me a few solutions, like this one. It works fine in IE, Opera 7 and Netscape 7, but not in alot of other browsers.

So, the question is: Should I make a css-menu that works fine for most users (not necessarily the solution given in the link), or make one wich javascripts or something like that so it works for more people?

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You might check out the following resources to find CSS-only menus that work well with most browsers:

Listamatic Tutorial

Stu Nicholls

List-o-matic Generator

The menus that I've found at the first 2 sites work in almost all modern browsers, and degrade pretty well for older ones (Netscape 4, IE4).  I've used a few of them and run tests at Browsercam to check them out.  Some of them I've had to make a few minor "tweaks" to in order to overcome some quirks in some browsers, but overall they seem to work well.  The third site will generate your menu for you, based upon your link list and the style you choose.  I don't think that has any type of dropdown menus though.

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Thanks, I'll look at it :)

Oh, btw, its a drop-down menu I want (were almost only ordinary menus on tha page). This This one seems to work fine, though it's really ugly and don't validate so it's out of the picture.

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Check out the menus on this one - they are all "nested" (or dropdown) lists - maybe you'll find one there. smile