Topic: vBulletin -> PunBB converter

I'm working on yet another converter! Don't know if anyone will use it though, as they seem to take alot of money for using vBulletin (or is it a yearly cost?). Anyhow, I'm almost done now, and I would like to test it on a "real" board with more posts than my test-board :)

Does someone have a mysql-database-dump of a vBulletin-forum that I can test on? Just send me an email or visit IRC (see signature for info) if you want to help. Thanks!

Re: vBulletin -> PunBB converter

offtopic, but should the #punbb in your sign be a link ( irc:// ) to make it so people using mirc can click on it wink

Re: vBulletin -> PunBB converter

Clever :) Changed it now.

Edit: I've probably found a ~60.000-posts forum, so I don't think I'm gonna need another dump :)

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yikes gdgd