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I have played this night about customisation of PunBB of my new version of my site (under dev)


1024x768 and IE 5.x or (better) Firefox are required smile


I would like to create the login + pwd + register on main page ... but too difficult for me ...

let me now your opinion ....

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i really like the forum its very smooth and easy on the eyes

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That's a good site. I was curious enough to read for a bit - using Google's translator...
http://www.fantasya.net (via Google)

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Thanx smile

A lot of things will change in next weeks ... but I have a lot of stuff !!! smile

In fact it's very simple to customize punBB, but I HATE tables ... really


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wow, tu as un beau site.. J'aimerais etre capable de faire quelque chose comme ca wink !

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i really like the image on the left side. adds so much to the site and you don't see it much in other sites.

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J'ai plusieurs remarques :
- C'est vachement beau (ça faut pas changer tongue).
- L'image fond_menu_forum.jpg n'est pas assez longue en 1280*1024 (Accueil | Liste...), mets un fond en #494949 (pixel tout à gauche de l'image).
- Même problème avec le fond de Forum, Sujets,... mets cette image en background-position: right.
- Ce serait pratique de mettre un lien vers le site, pourquoi pas sur l'image Fantasya.net ?

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alors smile

ok pour fond_menu_forum (je m'en doutais, je ne suis ken 1024)
ensuite .... euh le fond du forum est un bug, et je ne sais plus ou le retirer dans punBB huhu smile
le lien vers le site : il apparait une fois kon est inscrit, loggé, mais en effet, je vais le mettre si on est en simple visiteur smile

sinon merci smile

to Dr jeckyl : a lot of people don't use yet the powerful of CSS and XHTML : my layout is not "framed", it's "like a frame" : CSS can create "FIXED" layers (you're going to say me ! but Rod, only "background:fixed" is required !!!" And I answer "Yes of Course : but see my XITI logo : it's fixed too ... : so it's not a fixed background, but a fixed layer smile)

I think with time, CSS and XHTML will show great things ... only condition : stop to surf with IE smile

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Rod wrote:

I think with time, CSS and XHTML will show great things ... only condition : stop to surf with IE smile

exciting times are afoot.

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