Topic: image alt text

A feature that hasnt been taken up by many boards that would be very simple is to allow alt tags for your images. It could be implimented much the same as the link tag is. So in the form:

[img=]alt text[/img]

That could then also be used if the user has decided to have images as links. The alt text could be used as the link text.

Maybe something to add on the todo list?


Re: image alt text

Not a bad idea. It does require one or two more calls to preg_replace() per post in viewtopic.php, but maybe that's something we can live with. I'll consider it for a future version.

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Re: image alt text

would be good for when images are quoted too


Re: image alt text

It would also be one more step towards meeting accessability guidelines; images are supposed to have alt attributes set if they are content.