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Well i've released a new version of the wiki,
* rss feeds,
* UTF-8 on iso-8859-1 languages (if all the languages you use are iso-8859-1 then you should get fully working utf-8 support),
* _ is replaced with space in page names,
* xhtml strict valid,
* png support in IE.

i think thats about it,

if you want to use a language pack thats not iso-8859-1 you will need to change the setting in lang.php from utf-8 to the charset you want to use, however it won't work properly in multiple languages.


for upgrading make sure you do not replace the files in your data, media and attic folders or you will lose your current wiki stuff, just edit header.php again and upload the rest of the wiki files, theres no need to run install_mod.php again.

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How can I make that only admin and moderators can see the IP address of the posting users?

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you'd have to edit the code, i'm really busy all this week (and probably next) so i can't do anything

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I tried to install it on but no texts from lang.php appear, however $lang['encoding ' ] is correctly used in header

strange neutral

see it here :

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Actually I thought that was the way it was supposed to be but now upon further investigation it isn't.  Maybe it is missing a file???

Mine has that issue as well.

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no its a funny bug seems to appear sometimes and not others

wiki/common.php line 10:


should be


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oh yes ! great ! smile

merci wink

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Yea.  That worked for me too.

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its odd, it didn't cause problems on my test server so i didn't notice hmm

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Maybe I'm a complete idiot, but I have no clue how to set permissions for this wiki.
I've gone to the punBB Admin panel, but apparently permissions aren't set there.

For some reason I'm not seeing an Administration link or finding the page from which to set permissions.

Any help?

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did you upload the plugins folder? it should appear as Wiki on the punbb admin menu

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*roffles on waffles*

Wow...You would think I would have seen that.

Sorry to bother...Found it.

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I have got a problem that not always the text is shown. An example here: … sci:burgas

Sometime everuthing is O.K. and sometimes not smile

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Meh! I cannot figue out how to get the Wiki to float out in the middle. I tried editing the stylesheets the same way I did to get the rest of the forum, but I keep getting these crappy black bars at the top and bottom of every page (in between the wiki head and forum head and between the wiki footer and forum footer.

I need it to be 700px and centered like the rest of my site.

Edward - Your site looks like what I've been searching for. How did you do that? I looked at the stylesheet and was not able to find the answer.


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I made it in the main.tpl file of the forum, which is not the best solution I think. Here you can have a look at my main.tpl file:

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you need to apply the centering stuff to .all as well as .pun since the wiki is not contained in .pun (to stop style conflicts)

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I did:

.all {
  font: 80% "Lucida Grande", Verdana, Lucida, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
  background: #fafafa;
  color: Black;
  margin: 0px auto;
  padding: 0;
  width: 700px;

All I get is this crappy looking thing...


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A new version of DokuWiki is out, v2005-05-07

Just upgraded to it, the new parser makes pages pop instantly.

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damnit tongue now more work

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Anyone figure out what I'm doing wrong yet?

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do you need to do text-align:center for body? and text-align:left for .all

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Connorhd wrote:

do you need to do text-align:center for body? and text-align:left for .all

The only thing that changes is the top of the page...The links and such.

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This is a really cool modification! smile

Nice work Connorhd! big_smile

Although, I am having trouble getting it to work right. Heh... it's been an uphill battle actually. First I was having trouble with "wiki/common.php line 10:" The change fixed that problem. I was able to see the text in the buttons.

Reading is good! Ha ha! Horray! big_smile

Although, text still mysteriously disappears on the page... and for no known reason. At least reasons unknown to me.

For example... here are two Guild Wars skill listings...

Air Attunement … attunement

Blinding Flash … ding-flash

Blinding Flash doesn't display properly, but Air Attunement does. I have no idea why. They are almost identical pages. hmm

The text is there. Try to highlight the empty space. You'll see the text appear. Anyway... I'm going to keep playing around with it. I thought you might want to know about this bug. Oh... and punBB rocks! This is a great community here.

Michael Garofalo
Webmaster -

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yeh i have noticed that bug, but only on pages where i have messed up syntax and it only seems to happen in IE, i need to redo the wiki though since i new version with a new parser is out, maybe that fixed the problems...


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I have got the following problem with IE: when you try to edit the page after refreshment the page disappers sad

In FF on the other hand it works but in edition mode changes the encoding turns to utf-8 although everywhere id ISO-8859-2.