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Topic: New Posts Never Marked Read

This is strange.  I've just started up a new forum, which is fine.  Got a new style created over the course of the night and I'm happy with everything.  Except one thing.

Every time a new post comes up (even if I posted it) it's marked as [ new posts ] with the unread post icon.  I'll open it, then browse to another page - and it's still showing that the post is new.  The only way to get rid of it is by clicking mark all posts read, which kind of defeats the purpose of being able to see what you've missed.

Any help?

(OK, it's doing it on here, too...a bug?  Intentional?)


Re: New Posts Never Marked Read

Its new posts since your last visit, whether you have read it or not makes no difference.


Re: New Posts Never Marked Read

make sure your new post indicator in your css file it bright smile

also, if you stay on the site long enough it will 'expire' and will no longer be 'new'

i hope im right, and i hope it helped.



Re: New Posts Never Marked Read

Hmmm...guess I'll have to live with that.

I've been using phpBB for the longest time, but it's hard to negotiate using it with wanting to support standards and clean code.  I'm just used to when something is marked as unread and then you read it, it's no longer marked unread.

Since punbb just marks the ones since your last visit, it's more difficult to use - I could go through 20 new posts and then have no way of tracking what I have and have not read/replied to (except by checking and/or memory).

Oh, well.  It's a small thing.


Re: New Posts Never Marked Read

You could get the Mark topics as read MOD it will "fix" this.

Re: New Posts Never Marked Read

I use tabs in Firefox, klick the link "Show new posts since last visit", open up everything in new tabs and click "Mark all as read" and then read all the threads in peace and quiet ... and when dealt with I just close that tab ... works beautifully IMHO smile

(and on a vbulletin, it should mark as read, but sometimes it misses to do it so I can sometimes read the same topic a few times until I remember not to push that thread again)