Topic: Switch now or wait for 1.3?

The site i run is for a supporters club of a swedish football team (or soccer team as americans would say). I now run a forum on forumer.com and they won't give out the database, so i'll have to start from scratch with posts and members when i make the switch to PunBB. The season is just over (we got promoted!!!) so i suspect the activity will drop considerably any time soon and increase again around new year when the preseason starts. In other words, the switch needs to be done before new year.

If switching now: when 1.3 comes i assume i'll have to make a new install and point that to the database somehow? What will happen with posts with polls for instance when i upgrade? It probably won't take long before a poll extension is coming (and hopefully it'll be compatible with the polls created by the poll mod), but until then will 1.3 be able to display the posts with polls correctly? Might be dumb questions, but then again i am pretty dumb when it comes to these kind of things..

Basically what i want to know is; Should i switch to 1.2.9 now and then update to 1.3 (which by the way will be absolutely amazing judging from what i've read about it), or should i sit tight for a few weeks and hope 1.3 will make it in time and go straight for that one? Ofcourse if it won't come out in time i'll have to switch to 1.2.* anyway.
(Actually this might also be a dumb question since i figure i know what the responses will be, but i just want to hear it from you guys... smile)

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Re: Switch now or wait for 1.3?

you could install 1.2.9 and then upgrade from that to 1.3. i'm positive Rickard will make an upgrade script or you could, depending on your skill, apply the changes yourself using the hdiff.

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Re: Switch now or wait for 1.3?

Install the 1.2.x. 1.3 has been around for months now, and it could be a while before it get released as stable.