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A problem just cropped up.  In my forum, the quick post is working, but the regular post form is sometimes not working.  After typing a message and hitting "Submit" the form just reloads without posting anything to the forum.  The weird thing is that the problem is intermittent and just started happening.


Re: Posting problem

OK this is weird.  I had this problem earlier today and used the "quick post" to post something.  I hoped it just wouldn't happen again.  Then I got an email from a user having the same problem and asking me to post something with an attachment.  I tried and had the problem.  I got around it using the Quick post.  After starting this topic I went back to my forum and can not recreate the problem.  It is working fine.

Any thoughts?

Re: Posting problem

ted wrote:

post something with an attachment

Which means you're using the attachment mod. Try replacing your post.php with a fresh copy before you try anything else. Make a backup of your modified version first of course smile

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