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PunBB Development Team

We get a lot of reasonable questions like: who are you? where did you come from? what are your intentions? do you prefer beer over wine? Step by step we give the answers to you. We’d like to be more open to PunBB community and to show you our interest and experience in PunBB development. This page is intended to let you “touch and feel” us. Here we are.

Slava Kasyanov

slava_kasyanov.jpg PunBB leading developer

Student of Dubna University of Nature, Society and Man

I study at the department of application informatics now and I am very fond of what I’m doing. Before working for PunBB, I was a developer of an online GIS and gained quite a lot of experience in PHP, Ajax, CSS and HTML technologies. I was happy to be involved in that project and to realize that pure IT knowledge can be of practical use to many people.

I’ve been part of PunBB team since April 2008. Here, I am engaged in code enhancement and extension development of the forum. I find it interesting to improve the forum making it better in comparison to other forums in terms of speed and lightweightness (at the very least ;) ).

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Roman Parpalak

roman_parpalak.jpg PunBB extensions and core developer

Student of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

I have been fond of programming for a long time. When I entered MIPT 6 years ago, I didn’t even guess that in a year I would take a keen interest in web-development. I joined the PunBB team in March 2008 and have been writing extensions and working on the forum core since then. I like challenging tasks that require non-standard thinking and I’m always ready to deal with them however time-consuming they turn out to be. However, such tasks don’t turn up very often, so I have to settle for mundane ones ;) The thing that comforts me is that this routine will hopefully help me become a web-professional =)

I try to spend my spare time reading (Erle Stanley Gardner, Arthur Hailey) or watching films. I even have a movie-blog where I write impressions of movies I have seen. Now I see season 8 of the television series 24. Unfortunately, I have less and less spare time day by day.

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Gordey Simonov

gordey.jpg PunBB extensions developer

Dubna University of Nature, Society and Man graduate.

Joined the PunBB team in October 2009. I write expansions for punBB. Skilled in PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, HTML, MySQL and other web development technologies.

Love extreme sports. A BMX and snowboard rider. Also an R'n'B and Turntablism DJ - organise parties and act in various clubs all over the country.
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PunBB.NET development team

Alexey Pleshakov

alexp.jpg PunBB.NET developer

Student of Dubna University of nature, society and man.

Started my work as PunBB developer 4 months ago. Before joining PunBB team used to work as Microsoft.NET developer for a year.

I like to spend my free time with close friends, love fishing, ice sakting, bikes ,horseback riding, volleyball, all active types af recreation. I like the sunny weather, sunsets at the seaside, mountains, russian winter. When the weather is not good enough to go outside i prefer staying at home reading a good book.

Enjoy different kinds of music. Prefer rock. Like watching movies. Especially histroical movies, based on real stories. Enjoy comedies (Jim Carrey).

I'm sure nothing is happening to us by chance , and try to find positive aspects in everything around.

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Former PunBB development team

Rickard Andersson

rickard_andersson.jpg The father of PunBB. PunBB Lead Developer from the start in 2003 to the April of 2008.

Other former PunBB team members

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