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Private messaging (pun_pm)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: stable
  • Current version: 1.2.6

General idea

  • Allows users to send private messages.



New table pun_pm_messages

Field Type Default Description
id int(10) Auto-increment message ID
sender_id int(10) 0 The ID of the sender in users table
receiver_id int(10) NULL The ID of the receiver in users table
lastedited_at int(10) 0 Timestamp of last editing
read_at int(10) 0 Timestamp of message reading
subject varchar(255)
body text
status varchar(9) draft One of the 'draft', 'sent', 'delivered', 'read'
deleted_by_sender tinyint(1) 0 0 or 1. 1 - deleted by sender
deleted_by_receiver tinyint(1) 0 0 or 1. 1 - deleted by receiver

Additional fields in users table

Field Type Default Description
pun_pm_new_messages INT(10) NULL Stores cached value of new messages
pun_pm_long_subject TINYINT(1) 1 0 or 1. 1 - quote the beginning of the message in message lists

Current version

pun_pm 1.0

  • TODO: Update this section from old spec.
  • IDEA: Make “Preview” button wider to make clicking it easier.
  • Option: Hot keys: <Ctrl+Enter> to send, <Ctrl+S> to save the message (JS)
  • Option: Display first words of the message next to the subject (GMail style)

Future releases

pun_pm 1.5

  • Option: History under the quick reply form.
    • Show recent <N> messages from and to the corresponded user.
    • Use JS to hide history by default and place the link (Show history) to show it.
  • Option: Show unread/not delivered messages number in box links (for example Inbox [3] | Outbox [2])
  • Option: BBCode buttons
  • Option: Display few usernames (those, who recently has written a message) next to the 'To' field. (JS)
  • Option: Quote message in the quick reply form.

pun_pm 2.0

  • User option: E-mail notifications (on every message being unread for some period, or once a day)
  • Option: Threads (messages grouped by topic)
  • Option: 'This user is writing a letter for you'
  • Feature: Sort/filter messages*
  • Feature: Blacklist and disabling PM

pun_pm 3.0

  • Option: Ajaxify them all :-)


  • When a PM is sent, a popup screen shows as you come into the website and it says something like, “You have new messages” and then have 2 buttons “See Messages” and “Go to forum”

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