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PunBB 1.3 extensions

Extension system of PunBB allows you to add features to your forum without touching the source code.

Extension installation

  1. Download an extension archive from the PunBB extensions repository or other place. Extract it into extensions/ directory. E.g. your forum root is /home/user/ and you download pun_bbcode extension. To install the extension the file /home/user/ should exist.
  2. Log into the forum and go to Administration ⇒ Extensions ( The downloaded extension should be listed there.
  3. Click the Install extension and follow instructions.
NOTE: You may use the pun_repository extension to download and install official extensions with one click.

Official extensions

Officially supported extensions by PunBB Team.

ID / Download link Title / Wiki link Description
pun_admin_add_user Add user manually Admin may add new user using the form in the bottom of User list.
pun_admin_manage_extensions_improved Manage extensions This extension allows to choose several extensions to enable/disable/uninstall them
pun_antispam Antispam system Adds CAPTCHA to the register, login and guest post form.
pun_bbcode BBCode buttons Pretty buttons for easy BBCode formatting.
pun_pm Private Messaging Allows users to send private messages. This is the first simple version with minimum functions.
pun_poll Poll in topics Adds polls feature for topics.
pun_quote JS quote Select the text you want to quote right in the topic view. Click “Quote” for multiple quotes in quick reply form.
pun_tags Topic tags Topics are taggable now.
pun_repository PunBB repository Feel free to download and install extensions from PunBB repository.
pun_admin_events API for events registration Adds a gear to logging events and GUI for browsing logs.
pun_attachment Attachments Allows users to attach files to posts.
pun_admin_log Loging of events Logs a lot of forum's events.
pun_admin_broadcast_email Broadcast email Allows administrators to send e-mail messages to groups of users.
pun_animated_avatars Animated avatars The extension allows applying animated photo templates from the service to user avatars.
pun_funny_avatars Funny avatars The extension allows applying funny photo templates from the service to user avatars.
pun_move_posts Move posts This extension allows moving selected posts from a topic.
pun_colored_usergroups Colored usergroups This extension allows to set specified colors for user groups.
pun_approval Post and registration approval This extension allows forum administrator to control all new posts and approve them.
pun_karma Karma Posts can be rated by users..
pun_forum_news Forum news This extension allows users to mark topics or posts as “news”. The news is shown on a special page.
pun_invitation_only Registration via invitation letter This extension allows to limit new registrations on your forum. New members can register only if they get an invitation letter.
pun_posts_feed Posts RSS feed Adds posts RSS and Atom feeds to forums.

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Unofficial extensions

Extensions by third-party developers. PunBB doesn't provide support for the extensions listed below. Sorted by last tested version.

PunBB 1.3.6

Author Title / Forum topic Description
Justice Download: ip_geolocation Uses GeoPlugin web service to display Geolocation in user profiles (displayed to Administrators only).

PunBB 1.3.4

Author Title / Forum topic Description
bedroom Track Topics In Database Topics are marked as read using the database instead of a cookie.
codeholic Most Subscribed Show the list of most subscribed topics.
codeholic Private Message Announcements Display an announcement if there are unread private messages.
colak Display Real Name Displays real name under username in posts.
dimkalinux Fancy Stat Counter Extension adds popular internet stat counters to forum. Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics.
Grez Active Topics Shows last X (you can set it Administration → Settings → Active topics shown) topics on forum index page.
Grez Currency system Adds a currency to your forum. You'll get money for posting, creating popular topics (you get money for each reply) and of course you can send money to other user.
Grez Link to Last Poster Links to user's profile at index and viewforum on “last post”.
Grez Silence! Allows you to 'silence' any user for X days (he can't reply in topics or start a new one).
Grez & KeyDog StopForumSpam Antispam Cross-checks registering user's IP adress with database).
hcs Reputation Allow users to give reputation points to other users.
KANekT jQuery Chat jQuery Chat on main page.
KANekT Hide Tags Allows users hide text in post.
KANekT First Post Allows you to fix the first post in the topic on every page.
KANekT Topic description Allows users to write a description for the topic.
KANekT Thanks with AJAX Allows users say thanks for post.
KANekT User Activity Monitoring User activity monitoring (with url).
pihel Drupal 7 and PunBB 1.3 Integration Allows you to integrate Drupal 7 into PunBB 1.3.
webmeister OpenID Provides support for OpenID-based registration and login.
The HungryCoder Pun Warning Warning system for PunBB
The HungryCoder Topic Ownership Change Change the owner of a topic

PunBB 1.3.2

Author Title / Forum topic Description
kaptainkory Integrate Login with ZenPhoto Integrate login with Zenphoto.
Tareq Textarea resizer makes any textarea resizable
YonasH Add FAQ and Privacy Policy Add new fields to Announcements section.
YonasH Favorite topics Let users to assign favorite topics. Users can stick those topics.
YonasH Forums as link on search result Fix! Make clickable forum name on search result page.
YonasH Hide online status Let users to hide their online status.
YonasH Hide topics Let users to hide topics. User can find his hidden topics through link in profile.
YonasH jquery_y (Download) [Used as dependency only] Adds jQuery scripts to forum. Used in some my extensions.
YonasH Lock topics Let moderators to lock selected topics for unruly users.
YonasH Moderator group assignment Let moderators to set users group. Configurable in admin panel.
YonasH Impoved online list Add new facilities to online list. Configurable in Administration > Settings > Features.
YonasH Post edit grace period Let users to edit post without “Last edited by” for configurable period of time.
YonasH Display posts images in Slimbox Big post images are displayed in slimbox. Require jquery_y extension (
YonasH Add shortcut to latest registered users Add shortcut to latest registered users to forum footer. Set button availability in Administration/Settings/Features.
YonasH Show links in new window Open all links from posts, signatures and user websites in new windows.
YonasH Show subscriptions list Let moderators see who subscribed to a topic.
YonasH Subject change lock Only moderator can change topics subject.
YonasH Switch the places of title and avatar Switch the places of title and avatar in viewtopic.php.
YonasH YonasH's repository / ext. update prompter Stick all updates in extension list. Checks for updates of my extensions and let you to automatically install them.
YonasH Different topics list display Hiding poster, adding topic date and poster to “title”.

PunBB 1.3.1

Author Title / Forum topic Description
hcs Anycode Tool (Russian) Hooks Development Tool.

PunBB 1.3

Author Title / Forum topic Description
User33 Easy Google Analytics Allows easy integration of Google Analytics.

Not maintained anymore & Other

Author Title / Forum topic Description
kierownik ? This adds the bookmark image and script to your topics.
kierownik ? This adds the bookmark image and script to your topics.
kierownik ? With this extension you can change the search page to what you want.
kierownik jquery This adds the jquery javascript to your forum. Developers can use this extension as dependency.
kierownik List Extensions With this extension you can make a nice list of all your extensions that you can use if you have a problem with your forum.
kierownik ? With this extension you can remove the message “Currently used extensions:” from the footer if you do not want to show them.
kierownik ? This adds the bookmark image and script to your topics.
kierownik Userlist Avatar V1.0 With this extension you add the avatar of the users to the userlist.
Raistlin Github: Dice roll integration Allows dice rolls and dice expressions inside user posts.

Feel free to add your extension to the list. Sort extensions by author name first, then extension ID.

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