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PunBB core feature requests

You should add your request here if:

Feature request list

  • Do not waste user text on any kind of errors.
    • The case: I click Post reply and add some text to the Write message field. At that moment I've got an urgent phone call, go away from the computer. I come back in an hour and see the message I've started before. I add more text, consider it finished and click Submit. But my authorization has expired! I get You do not have permission to access this page and lose my message! The only hope to get it back is to rely on the browser keeping the form text on clicking the Back button.
    • Possible solutions:
      • Just print out the message source under the You do not have permission to access this page message.
      • Save the message somewhere, let user to log in and get him back to the Post reply form, having the text untouched.

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