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PunBB 1.3 extension requests

Look through the list of PunBB 1.3 extensions before adding new request.


  • Birthdate required upon registration.
  • An extension to submit “bad” user IPs to (
  • A Banlist page, showing who was banned, who banned them, why they were banned and how they have until their ban expires.
  • Rank them up! Mod upgrade for punbb 1.3
  • Store unread posts in database, so unread posts will not lost after logout or session expire.
  • An extension that allows the administrator to put passwords on forums and/or categories.
  • email complete posts to all members (
  • Post-suspension (not a ban, but i.e. stopping a user from posting any threads or replying for x determined period from a mod or admin) (Silence!)
  • Dice roller (X dices of Y faces … ) Already done see pun_dice
  • Working portal for 1.3.2
  • Deleted posts go to an “Admin-only-viewable” forum called “Rubbish Bin”.
  • Scoring for new topics, posts and other events like completing the user profile, upload avatar etc. (
  • Highlight searchwords in postings
  • User abilities by post count or user level: if user has <100 post, they can't post links (try the latest version of pun_antispam; it allows to hide signatures and websites if post count < N).
  • Subforums ⇒ posted on forums
  • Ignore user (discussion)
  • Guests can see the titles of topics but not the content (discussion)
  • Site map (discussion)
  • Google Analytics integrationposted on forums
  • Versioning: wiki-features.
  • Email address existence check (via SMTP or whatever)
  • Better topic reading tracker
  • Subscribe to whole forum
  • Simple registration: on registration make password input optional (or disable it at all). Generate random password and send it to e-mail, if not password given in the form. Username may be optional too (authorize by email). This may be included into pun_e_mail_auth
  • Cache: the whole page or php-array.
  • Automatic timezone update: compare the server's time and user's local time (via JS) and display a dialog to the user to confirm timezone settings update. (discussion)
  • Akismet Integration ([])
  • Meta Description: the simple way is by taking the first 160 characters of the first post
  • Meta Keywords: allow topic creator to add appropriate keywords. Admin can edit/add/delete keywords for particular topic
  • Show last X topics on forum index page, bellow main categories. X=number of topics. (Active Topics)
  • Forum ⇔ E-mail bridge. (discussion)
  • Add custom profile fields (and/or change meaning of some built-in ones)
  • MovePost analogy (Move to another topic selected posts) [extension release] pun_move_posts
  • Category-related announcements (currently there is one forum-wide)
  • Forum permissions as phpbb: view, read, post replies and post topics (example)
  • MetaWeblog API support, Posting topics from external application, creating blog like functionality (Really Simple Blog) (cereal is working on it …)
  • OpenID login: request, release
  • Avatar system like the one in phpBB: 1. remote avatar (with possibility to disable this feature) / 2. possibility to create a gallery of avatars by uploading them to a specific folder; adding subfolders has the effect of sorting the avatars in subcategories ⇒ pcr_avatar
  • Move user title below the username, so it shows User/Title/Avatar instead of User/Avatar/Title
  • Private Board –> Push to Login Page - What I mean is that rather than just changing the permissions so when you come to the main index it just says “Board is empty” or whatever you change that text to, it would be nice to be able to enable a security extension that if not logged on it would force you to the login page with a custom message added to it of your choosing.
  • Colour usergroups (So the name shows as colour on posts and online list) (pun_colored_usergroups, official extension)
  • Allow users to embed google maps into posts
  • admin notification about new threads (optional)
  • Facebook integration like this will be a killer.
  • Normal Facebook Connect
  • Broadcast Email (admin can send email to every user) - does not work in 1.3 yet
  • Post Revision system. so that every edit of posts can be retrieved.
  • Allow admin to award “medals” or “badges” to users. Discussion here
  • Task List, with categories. As a freelancer, if you throw up a domain per client, and permit file attachments to messages, and then provide a task list feature with categories for checklist tasks, then you have a quick-and-dirty project manager.
  • Support Forum Extension - To give visible notifications (red flag/green flag) for every post within a category that the post is either resolved or unresolved. Should be configurable by category/sub-category. Discussion
  • Include user's latest twitter to show in their signature discussion here
  • allow posting html, in particular enabling posting adsense in forum posts by administrators
  • search users by Location and/or add Location column to User list

Other stuff: spoilertags. And to change the header.


  • AJAX library provider.
  • More JS: confirmations, dynamic hiding.
  • Ajaxification: delete post, edit post, new reply.
  • Real breadcrumbs: always show the list of recently visited pages for current user.
  • Show redirects in a user configurable lightbox; meaning specifically for lightbox or lightbox2 (i use floatbox for example).


  • Allow admins to see somewhere, when the users last logged in
  • User Management: Manually adding Userspun_admin_add_user official_extension
  • User punishment: warnings, yellow cards, bans, etc.
  • Allow users of a group other than Admin to change the user groups of others.

* Contest: Choose a contest winner (randomly choose one of the top 10 posters in a given time. Able to select contest daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually. Multiple contests can run). * Moderation log: need details log of who moved a post (from and to), who deleted, who banned/unbanned etc. so every moderation work can be tracked.


    • Locate hooks by file, id or keyword
    • Show all the code currently placed into hook by all installed extensions (divided by extension)
    • Place code into hook for testing purposes
    • Show the list of constants and variables available inside hook
    • Show PunBB source with extension's code inside proper hook by id
    • Edit extension's code (by extension and hook id)
      • Show the list of constants and variables available inside current hook
    • Export correct manifest.xml

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