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PunBB:n kehitystiimi

Saamme paljon kysymyksiä: keitä te olette? mistä tulette? mitä aiotte tehdä? suositteko olutta viinin suhteen? Vaihe kerrallaan annamme vastauksia sinulle. Haluamme olla enemmän avoinna PunBB -yhteisölle ja näyttää kiinnostuksemme ja kokemuksemme PunBB -kehityksessä. Tämä sivu on on tarkoitettu antaa sinun “koskettaa ja tuntea” (vain englanniksi) meidät. Tässä me olemme.

Nykyinen tiimi

Anatoly Lapshin

anatoly_lapshin.jpg PunBB:n johtava kehittäjä

Yli neljä vuotta ammattimaista Internet-kehitystä

Joulukuun 2007 jälkeen, olen kirjoittanut lisäosia PunBB:lle ja hallinnut lisäosien kehotusta muilta paikallisilta kehittäjiltä, kuten myös ylläpitänyt PunBB -sivustoa. Kesäkuussa 2008, tulin PunBB -kehitystiimiin ja aloitin keskustelualueen juuren työskentelyn. I'm trying to be at the cutting edge of IT and keep up with all the up-to-date web-technologies.

I like spending my spare time with my little daughter Martha. I also enjoy playing tabletop role-playing games (D&D and the like) and Munchkin, or singing songs and playing the guitar in the close circle of friends. In the long winter evenings, I often sit in the comfort of my home watching anime by Hayao Miyazaki, movies by Luc Besson, Quentin Tarantino and others, or series like “M*A*S*H”, “Heroes”, “Lost Room” and “Eureka”. I’ve watched all Futurama series as well! )) Whatching “House M.D.” now. I also have very motley tastes for music: songs of Flёur, instrumentals of Estradasphere and Yann Tiersen. Also I like Russian rock, as well as Nightwish and Lacrimosa. As for my reading preferences, I often pick up a sci-fi book by Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert or Ray Bradbury from my shelves. From time to time, when I feel I need to break from the routine, I set off hitch-hiking on the spur of the moment. That lets me refresh my world perception and reveal the hidden sides of life and people around me. ;-)

Henkilökohtainen PunBB -wikisivu (vain englanniksi)
PunBB:n keskustelualueen käyttäjäprofiili (vain englanniksi)

Slava Kasyanov

slava_kasyanov.jpg PunBB:n lisäosien ja juuren kehittäjä

Oppilas Dubna University of Naturessa, Society ja Man

I study at the department of application informatics now and I am very fond of what I’m doing. Before working for PunBB, I was a developer of an online GIS and gained quite a lot of experience in PHP, Ajax, CSS and HTML technologies. I was happy to be involved in that project and to realize that pure IT knowledge can be of practical use to many people.

I’ve been part of PunBB team since April 2008. Here, I am engaged in code enhancement and extension development of the forum. I find it interesting to improve the forum making it better in comparison to other forums in terms of speed and lightweightness (at the very least ;) ).

PunBB:n keskustelualueen käyttäjäprofiili (vain englanniksi)

Roman Parpalak

roman_parpalak.jpg PunBB:n lisäosien ja juuren kehittäjä

Student of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

I have been fond of programming for a long time. When I entered MIPT 4 years ago, I didn’t even guess that in a year I would take a keen interest in web-development. I joined the PunBB team in March 2008 and have been writing extensions and working on the forum core since then. I like challenging tasks that require non-standard thinking and I’m always ready to deal with them however time-consuming they turn out to be. However, such tasks don’t turn up very often, so I have to settle for mundane ones. ;) The thing that comforts me is that this routine will hopefully help me become a web-professional. =)

I try to spend my spare time reading (Erle Stanley Gardner, Arthur Hailey) or watching films. I even have a movie-blog where I write impressions of movies I have seen. Unfortunately, I have less and less spare time day by day.

Henkilökohtainen PunBB -wikisivu (vain englanniksi)
PunBB:n keskustelualueen käyttäjäprofiili (vain englanniksi)

Mikhail Zadorozhniy

mikhail_zadorozhniy.jpg PunBB:n lisäosien kehittäjä ja järjestelmäylläpitäjä

Student of Dubna University of Nature, Society and Man, 2 years of professional web-development

Since March 2008, I have been writing extensions for PunBB, administrating the PunBB site and working with users’ bug reports in the forum. Being an IT specialist by profession, I really like this PunBB-related job because it gives me outlets for my vocational activity.

My spare time? I enjoy many things. Playing volleyball, billiards and bowling, go clubbing from time to time or playing Dozor Night Game spice up my routine life. Sometimes I prefer to get away from it all and simply go fishing in gloomy and rainy weather. I really like stormy weather, with showers and lightnings. It’s a perfect time to stay indoors watching my favorite movies (such as Forrest Gump, The Green Mile), series (like Star Gates or South Park) and listening to music (Trance, d’n’b, House and Bob Marley). Overall, I’m a good guy who likes hearth and home. I love my family, my girlfriend and my computer. )

And I don’t like waking up from the rasp of street cleaners. ))

PunBB:n keskustelualueen käyttäjäprofiili (vain englanniksi)

Entiset kehittäjät

Rickard Andersson

PunBB:n isä. PunBB:n johtava kehittäjä vuoden 2003 alusta vuoden 2008 huhtikuuhun.

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