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PunBB letöltés

Meg fogod találni az összes PunBB kapcsolódó letöltést a Letöltés arhívum. Felhívjuk figyelmed, hogy PunBB 1,2 módosítások PunBB Resource oldalán elérhetők.

PunBB 1.3

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Régebbi verziók

You can find older versions of PunBB, language packs for PunBB 1.0/1.1 and miscellaneous deprecated files in the museum.

PunBB 1.2.21

Previous stable version. Tested for years.

Installation and upgrade instructions can be found in the included documentation (or at Also, please take the time to browse through the FAQ, also included in the download. It contains answers to a number of frequently asked and anticipated questions. Report any problems in the forums.

If you get stuck along the way, please check out the video tutorials by Dr.Jeckyl.

Language packs for PunBB 1.2.*

The following are user-contributed language packs for PunBB. The language packs are compatible with PunBB 1.2 and later. Install by decompressing the archive into the directory lang/.

  • Afrikaans - Translation by GrepingGrok and Heinrich Massmann.
  • List to be finished soon…

Administration plugins

Administration plugins are drop-in modules for the PunBB administration interface. Install them by simply decompressing the archive into the directory /plugins. Uninstall by deleting the extracted files and folders. For information on writing your own plugins, see the example plugin included with PunBB 1.2 and later. Finished plugins should be sent to

  • User Merge. Created by Terrell Russell. The User Merge plugins allows administrators to merge two user accounts.
  • List to be finished soon…

PunBB Migration Tool

The PunBB Migration Tool is a utility for migrating to PunBB from a series of other forum software. It works by converting the database from the source forum into a PunBB database. The migration tool has been developed by David Djurbäck (a.k.a. Chacmool). In it's current version, the tool supports conversion from the following forum/CMS software:

  • Invision Power Board 1.3
  • Invision Power Board 2.0
  • MiniBB 1.7d
  • phpBB 2.0
  • PHPNuke 7.4
  • vBulletin 3.0.0
  • YabbSE 1.5.5
  • SMF 1.0.5
  • SimpleBoard 1.7d
  • PHP-Fusion

Please note that the versions listed are the versions that the converter has been thoroughly tested with. The converter might very well work with other versions as well, but they are untested. If you are currently running a forum that the migration tool does not support or if you've run into what you believe is a bug, contact David at chacmool at gmail dot com. The latest version of PunBB Migration Tool can be downloaded from the following location:

Please note that the migration tool is unofficial and that any support questions therefore should be directed to the author. Backup your data before running the converter.

Localization tools

This section contains tools that help you localize PunBB into a new language.

  • PunTranslator - PunTranslator is a Windows application for creating language packs. It was created by zaver.
  • PunBB PHP Localizer 1.2 Beta - This PHP script for creating language packs was created by mindplay.
  • Tagged PunBB language files - This archive contains the PunBB language pack files in .doc format tagged for easier translation using translation memory tools such as Trados, Wordfast, DVX and MetaTexis. Contributed by Spiros Doikas of

The tools above work with PunBB 1.1.* and later (not 1.3).

Mod Tools

The Mod Development Kit (MDK) is a small package aimed at those who want to develop modifications for PunBB. It contains a textfile with instructions, a template for the readme file (all mods have a readme.txt) and a template for a mod installation script.

Auto Readme is a Windows application developed by Mediator. The application is used to simplify the creation of mod readme files.

For more information about PunBB modding, visit the PunBB Resource.

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