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  1. IIS 6.0 Web Server
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 download here
  3. Recommended DBMS:
    • MS SQL 2005
    • MS Access 2003
    • MySQL 5.0

*The specified requirements describe tested configurations.


PunBB.NET uses ODBC to connect to a DB, this allows us to utilize the same code for different DBMS.

You can download MySQL ODBC Driver here

You can download MS SQL 2005 ODBC Driver hereWe assume MS Access Driver to be preinstalled in Windows.

Microsoft .NET Framework

This software framework is available for the Microsoft Windows family. It comprises a large number of precompiled libraries, aimed at dealing with routine tasks; and a virtual machine to control the execution of applications, designed for this platform. You can download it here

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