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-====== PunBB.NET main page ====== +====== PunBB.NET ====== 
-PunBB.NET is a fast and lightweight ASP.NET discussion board. It is released under the GNU +PunBB.NET is a forum written using the ASP.NET technology.
-General Public License. Its primary goals are to be faster, smaller and less graphically +This forum is simple, fast and  lightweight. 
 +The forum's core itself is only a basis, which allows attaching various extensions to it. 
 +This makes it possible for you to have a discussion board,which can be fine-tuned to meet all your requirements prefectly.
-intensive as compared to other discussion boards. PunBB has fewer features than many other +PunBB.NET is inspired by PunBB, being its child project. Both these forums utilize similar layouts and functionality, and they both are released under the GPL license.
-discussion boards, but is generally faster and outputs smaller, semantically correct +The main difference between PunBB.NET and PunBB lies in the technology of their implementation.
-XHTML-compliant pages. +PunBB.NET beta is the first public version of PunBB.NET.
===== Key features===== ===== Key features=====
-  * Extension system basen on EventHandlers +  * Extension system based on EventHandlers 
-  * MS SQL 2005, MySQL and MS Access 2003 support+  * Microsoft SQL 2005, MySQL and Microsoft Access 2003 support
  * MarkUp like in PunBB 1.3   * MarkUp like in PunBB 1.3
 +===== PunBB.NET team=====
 +Our team consists of several programmers and a community which helps in PunBB.NET development
 +by requesting new features and making contributions to the project code.
 +Anyone who wants to join PunBB.NET development process will be received gladly.
 +You can contact us via e-mail: punbbnet@gmail.com
 +===== General =====
 +  * [[Requirements| System requirements]]
 +  * [[Installation guide| Installation guide]]
 +  * [[Extension system|Extension system]]
 +  * [[Downloads|Downloads]]
 +  * [[Database|Database structure]]
 +  * [[http://punbbnet.informer.com/|Demo]]
 +  * [[https://punbb.informer.com/forums/forum/74/punbbnet-discussion/|Discussion]]

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